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The information and contents of this website and RollerTek are only for personal use only. Any business or affiliation that wants to use any content, photos or material of RollerTek must ask permission first.

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Information provided by RollerTek, about the RTPro or on is for informational purposes only and is not regarded as a substitute to professional medical advice. The information listed about these products and their uses have not been evaluated by any professional or medical agency, nor should be received as professional advice. An individual that may be pregnant, diabetic, has a pacemaker, increased risk for blood clots, has artificial joints or had reconstructive surgeries involving pins/screws should consult a physician prior to using a massage device. Only your health care provider should diagnose your health care. Prior to use, please be sure to read all instructions and if necessary and contact your physician or healthcare professional regarding the use of the RTPro. You are in control of your health, if you suspect any health issues consult your health care professional immediately.

Any usage of these products that inflicts harm, damage or injury shall not be the liability of RollerTek LLC and its affiliates. RollerTek LLC disclaims any responsibility, is not responsible for any injury, harm or ill effect that is accompanied by use of any product sold and distributed by RollerTek. Please consult your physician when therapeutic massage may be contra-indicated. RollerTek will not be legally or financially liable nor responsible for any act done while using a product sold by RollerTek LLC. This liability is final by this statement of acknowledgement.

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