About Us

RollerTek LLC products are interchangeable massage tools to fit anyones needs. The journey began when one of the co-founders, a Physical Therapist from Austin, TX continued to have ongoing musculoskeletal issues with his back and body for a number of years. This ongoing pain, discomfort and muscle tension led to the idea for a system of tools designed to be used anywhere and get effective results for just about anyone. The ideas for the RTPro® therapeutic system progressed into an all-in-one massage system giving the user the ability to configure the tool that works for them. Our goal was to create the best product that could help reduce muscle tension and improve physical performance.

Once the RTPro system began development in 2010, the ideas of its design and function continued to unfold. The RollerTek journey all started with helping oneself fix their own muscular issues and expanded into different therapeutic uses and groups of people to work with. Now, the RTPro system can be used by oneself, by another person on their husband or wife or even by various types of manual therapists. Anyone who is in pain or knows someone with muscular issues can be of assistance to themselves and to the other person with the RTPro system. Athletes, weekend warriors, hard workers and almost anyone can use the RTPro system to help improve their tight and sore muscles.

RollerTek proudly manufactures quality, long-lasting, USA made massage and therapeutic self-care tools to help you stay healthy and injury free. Stay young, stay fresh and be ready for whatever comes your way with the RTPro therapeutic system.